Chemical Spills and Cleanup Services

Cleanup Services

Biological or chemical contaminants that leak or spill can cause serious health problems to people, animals and plants. If you have a commercial need for clean up or spill containment, you must find the right company with the right manpower, equipment and technical abilities to help your firm at a moment’s notice.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Firm

There are many good firms out there that have staff they can deploy to your location right away. You need experienced, certified workers to arrive to your place of business to assess the situation


and clean it up immediately.  The right company should be able to assist you with cleanups whether they are on land or in the water.  Your own company should also have spill containment equipment on the premises which workers can use to help contain any spills while you wait for your chemical spill cleanup team to arrive.

Besides spill cleanups, the firm you select can help with containing overflowing tanks, punctured lines, leaking drums, biological or infectious spills, or oil spills. If you need them to, they can also help excavate any buried drums at your warehouse or distribution center.

There are sometimes natural events that cause spills to happen. If you need spill cleanup following an earthquake or hurricane, you will need to rely on your expert team to respond immediately. Clean-up teams should be able to also help with any cleanups from spills that occur as a result of a vehicular or trucking accident.

The firm will have all equipment needed for any level of emergency or spill from oil skimmers, to containment supplies, absorbent materials, pumps and more.

Your Company’s Hazmat Team

Your own company’s hazmat team should have extensive training in emergency spill response. Your team will include managers and material technicians.  Every team member should work together to safely and completely rectify the situation.

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