Safety for Industrial Plant Workers

Safety Considerations for Your Facility & Workers

There are many things to consider when you own or operate an industrial facility.  One of the most important items to consider is the safety of your facility, as well as the safety of your workers. When safety isn’t a priority, it could easily result in the injury or even death of those workers.  Here are a few things to consider to keep things safe.


When the equipment is not properly maintained at your facility, it could result in a number of different problems. Poor maintenance leads to unexpected and catastrophic failure and the potential for costly downtime. It could also lead to a safety hazard that is best avoided.

Establish a schedule of routine, preventative maintenance at your facility. This could include routine checks by the operator, as well as more thorough maintenance checks by a professional. This can either be done in-house or hired out to a third party. Your workers should also be quick to report any issues with the equipment, including strange noises, wobbles or smells.

Untrained workers

This is another hazard that is best avoided. When the workers are untrained or under-trained, it is much more likely for accidents to happen. Routine safety meetings and operator training should be a regular part of your schedule. When workers are properly trained, it helps to keep them safe and can boost productivity as well.


Any access to hazardous areas or equipment should be strictly limited. Only those who have clearance to work in those areas should ever enter. Some of those hazardous areas may be difficult to pinpoint. They could include confined spaces, chemical storage areas and areas that present the possibility for electric shock or arc flash.

first-aidFirst Aid

Accidents are going to happen, regardless of how much planning and safety requirements are in place. Make sure that there is sufficient first aid and medical equipment available in case of an accident. Designated first aid responders should be given extensive first aid training and minimal ongoing training for all employees may be something to consider.

Human Error

You will never be able to completely remove human error from the equation but you can minimize the impact. Any carelessness or complacency must be weeded out quickly. It is also important to avoid worker fatigue by giving adequate breaks.

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